Bush beauties

July 09, 2017

No it's not a nostalgic van Heusen - it's a water filled sand pit at the back of Shepparton golf course after a nice dump of rain.

The bush at the back of my place is a constant source of wonder and annoyance. For a start - it's not exactly pristine because it's been bashed to within a birdcall of its life by trail bikers, 4WD adventurers and car dumpers. A walk after rain means avoiding water-logged tyre tracks and creating new pathways around trees. But on a good day, after a burst of rain - you get images like these. No it's not a nostalgic van Heusen from South Australia - it's actually light on a water-filled sand pit at the back of the Shepparton golf course, and also an upturned tree trunk blackened and stranded from the 2009 flood.

Amazing what you can do with a Samsung phone camera.

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